Previous Activities

There has been two separate bodies (Association for Kocaeli Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Community Mental Health Center of Kocaeli University) whose experiences have been merged into the current Association for Community Mental Health Promotion

Association for Kocaeli Psychosocial Rehabilitation had several local and national implementations. Supporting the Day Hospital attached to the Kocaeli University Psychiatry Department was a major contribution, other participations to National Psychiatry Congresses and International Stigma Congress held in Istanbul were also among the activities of this group.

Community Mental Health Center of Kocaeli University has played important role in the accumulation of experience on promotion of community mental health services. Local national and international activities were implemented. After the 1999 Marmara earthquake, mental health services were organized in the area. Later, mental health awareness studies were started and since the year 2000, those activities have been provided for the public. Some of the publications on these are listed among the suggested publications.